Migraines - Reflexology - Mrs DO, Woking


"I suffered with headaches and migraines for years.  They used to come around my monthly cycle.  Recently I also felt very lethargic, which restricted my quality of life.  I I went to see Donna for reflexology and she has worked at rebalancing my hormones, amongst other things, which seemed to be the major cause of my maladies.  Since I started seeing her I have had months free of headaches and I am much more energetic too!  Donna has a gentle, relaxing and confident approach and always makes you feel at ease.  I would recommend her to anyone who is in need of a more balanced and fulfilling life.


Eczema - Reflexology - Mrs AP,  Woking


"Donna is an excellent reflexologist.  I recommend her to all my friends.  She is very friendly and calm which puts you at ease.  She is also very knowledgeable on lots of areas of complementary medicine so I often ask her advice.  I had visited Donna before for maternity reflexology but had never thought about using reflexology to help my eczema.  I was very run down which led to my eczema flaring up all over my face, arms and back. Usually I find that cutting out certain foods such as dairy and sugar brings it back under control however this time it wouldn't go.  I asked Donna to work hard on my lymph glands in the hope that it would help my immune system. Her hands did the trick and my eczema had virtually gone after a few sessions.  I wish I had more time to visit regularly as I know she makes a world of difference to my body and health."

Pregnancy - Reflexology - Mrs AB, St Johns


"I had 3 sessions of reflexology with Donna prior to my home birth.  They were hugely relaxing (I fell asleep in the first session) and I felt as if each visit was truly beneficial.  Donna is very helpful, understanding and informative, and goes out of her way to make you feel comfortable, reassured and supported the whole time.  Her listening skills were wonderful which was backed up by sound advice.  My homebirth was exactly as I wanted it to be and I felt in control the whole time, something I'm sure the reflexology sessions helped with, whether directly or indirectly."

Stress, Conception support, Pregnancy - Reflexology - Mrs KW, Woking


"As soon as I arrive at Donna's, I feel relaxed. She offers a warm, relaxed and safe environment, a place to fully unwind in. The reflexology has definitely helped with difficult times over the last couple of years, I could not recommend Donna highly enough."

Hay fever - Reflexology - Master KO, Woking


"My son, who is 6, had suffered from hay fever since he was just over 2 yrs old. His hay fever at one point was so severe, that we had to take him to hospital. Last spring, after being on medication for weeks and seeing neither improvement nor management of his condition I took him to see Donna for reflexology. At his age he knew nothing of the treatment itself. The results were astounding! He improved immediately after his 1st treatment and his medication lays untouched to date. All together, he only needed a few sessions with Donna, to be free of hay fever and to maintain his new found freedom and health!"

Wellbeing - Reflexology - Mrs AH, Woking


"I have been visiting Donna for over a year for reflexology sessions.  My reason for going was for general wellbeing as opposed to any specific ailment.  I have had reflexology in the past in another location and was really pleased to find someone local who is so fabulous.  From the moment you get into the room you begin to feel relaxed.  Donna is incredibly professional and likeable.  I never have any trouble drifting into a wonderful state of calm when she is working on me - helped by her very comfortable chair!  I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her."

Pregnancy - Reflexology - Mrs KB, Guildford 


"Self Balance was recommended to me when I found out my baby was breech.  I had tried lots of other methods which hadn't worked but after having the reflexology with Donna the baby turned.  I had some additional sessions for relaxation (and in case the baby turned back) but would recommend it for either purpose as it was fantastic."

Fertility Issues - Reflexology - Ms AP, West Byfleet


"Before I went to Donna we had been trying for nearly 3 years for our second child, which professionals refer to as 'secondary infertility'.  It was so hard as everyone thought it would happen easily second time round, and with 5 sessions of reflexology I fell pregnant.  Donna was always so calming and understanding and each time focused on unblocking key areas and I always felt so relaxed.  We now have a beautiful daughter who we feel Donna really help bring our little treasure."

Digestive Issues, IVF support, Pregnancy - Reflexology - Ms VS, Woking


"I first came to Donna in 2009 because I was suffering from severe and quite uncomfortable bloating after eating.  It was intermittent which meant I couldn't work out exactly what was causing it so I hoped reflexology would help.  Initially I had an intense course of one session a week and then once a month for at least 6 months.  During this time I noticed a big reduction in how often I would become bloated and these days it is a thing of the past.  I believe reflexology played a big part in relieving my symptoms.


I continue to have reflexology sessions with Donna at regular intervals as it is a lovely way to relax and take a bit of time to step out of all the stresses of everyday life.  It was particularly useful when I was going through IVF and subsequently during my pregnancy.  I remember going at about 6 months pregnant and at a certain point during the treatment the baby would always kick like mad, clearly enjoying himself too!


Donna is friendly and easy to talk to, yet professional and very knowledgeable about reflexology.  I would and have recommended her to my friends."

Pregnancy - Reflexology -  Ms RL, Guildford


"I very much enjoyed the reflexology I had with Donna in the late stages of my pregnancy.  I was looking for a treatment that provided relaxation, would encourage my son to get into, and stay in, the right position for birth and to avoid going overdue if possible.  The reflexology with Donna delivered on all fronts!  It was so relaxing, I looked forward to every session and very nearly dozed off each time!  Donna is personable , professional and she put me at ease instantly.  My midfwife recommended Donna and I'm so glad I took her up on her recommendation".

Hypnobirthing - JG and HV, Godalming


"We are both professionals who work in London and so hypnobirthing was a completely new concept for us and we were a bit concerned about what the course might involve. However, we had heard how beneficial hypnobirthing can be and as this was my first we wanted to do anything to ease our nerves. 


We thought the course was excellent. The course leader immediately put the group at ease and demonstrated her knowledge of hypnobirthing and as a professional midwife throughout the course. We felt assured that the course was being taught by a midwife who had years of experience of all kinds of births and who could back statements up with facts and examples.


We had wanted to have a home birth as I felt nervous of a hospital birth and doing hypnobirthing really made us feel confident to do it despite it being our first. We found the course gave us the knowledge and the techniques we needed to enable us to do it. It was also a great experience for us as a couple as it really helped us to get on the same page about what we wanted, what we were worried about and how we could work together to have the birth we wanted. I felt that my partner was so much more supportive after the course because he understood his role in helping me prepare for the birth and during it. 


As an added bonus we also found we enjoyed the course as we met other parents to be and were able to share worries, hopes and also to have a laugh.


All in all I would highly recommend this course, the course leaders and hypnobirthing. I can honestly say that our birth was a wonderful experience. I had a home birth with no interventions, drugs or complications of any kind. I believe that this is solely down to hypnobirthing as it gave us the tools to prepare for the birth and to remain calm throughout. I look back on my birth with joy and can not wait to have my next child. If you are considering hypnobirthing at all then this is a great course and I would strongly recommend giving it a go."

Hynobirthing - Stuart and Sarah B, Guildford


"I just wanted to let you know how very impressed I was with your Hypnobirthing classes.

I wasn't too sure what to expect from the course, but have come away from it now fully understanding that there is so much that I can do to assist Sarah in the birth of our baby. It is great to see that Sarah has grown in confidence about the birth and her own natural abilities, and we are both enjoying spending time practicing the relaxation and breathing techniques.


I was quite worried about the birth and that I would feel helpless, but I now know how much help I can be at the birth itself and leading up to it.


Thank you so much for the way you presented the course and providing us with information in a way we could really understand and enjoy. Your enthusiasm is infectious and made the course an experience that I would happily recommend to any expectant parents who are fortunate enough to be able to get on one of your courses."

Pregnancy - Reflexology - Ms S-A B, Guildford


"My baby turned! I took three sessions with Donna over a period of 8 days, starting with a footling breech and by the time I had my scan on the 9th day my baby was head down! Now who knows, was it the reflexology, the yoga, the swimming or did my baby just decide to do it himself? I do not know, but what I do know is the sessions with Donna were very very relaxing, I came out feeling considerably better than when I went in and I felt rather like I was walking on air. Most of the time I lay quietly but some of the time we talked and fears I was experiencing were undoubtedly released and in many cases put to rest during those times. A holistic treatment that has brought great value to me, I would be happy to recommend Donna" 

Hypnobirthing - LB and CB, Guildford


"Before the course I knew nothing about HypnoBirthing and I was a bit skeptical, but the techniques and theories we learnt about quickly made logical sense. Sally presented it expertly and because she limited her group size there was a personal element that made it a relaxed and friendly environment. What I found most useful was that it gave me a role during the birth which allowed me to support my wife." C B


"My sister in law did a HypnoBirthing course and recommended it to me. I was really keen to try and avoid any intervention and have a natural, calm birth. I wanted low lighting, music and a water birth-all of which go hand in hand with HypnoBirthing. The breathing techniques were incredibly useful in helping me cope with each surge in the many hours at home and the assurance from my husband was invaluable, especially as I didn't need to tell him what to do in order to help. The massage techniques were also amazing for keeping me calm and patient. In the very final stage of the birth I did find it hard to sustain but I was still focused and felt able to trust my body to birth my baby. The course is accessible, informative, practical and makes perfect sense. I would highly recommend it.  Sally is so down to earth, kind and passionate. We were also incredibly fortunate that Sally was there to deliver our baby."  L B

Osteopathy - Mrs SN, Woking

"I have been treated by Jennifer and can personally recommend her....so professional and caring. She has made a huge difference to a whiplash injury I was suffering from and now I see her every fortnight for the benefit of my neck and back"