Maternity Reflexology

Reflexology provides support to women through pre-conception, pregnancy and post-natal recovery by promoting relaxation and well-being.

Maternity Reflexology differs from regular Reflexology in the use of specialised techniques, adjusted to each stage of pregnancy.

Although precautions are taken in the first trimester of pregnancy, Maternity Reflexology is suitable at all stages, from pre-conception to well after the baby's birth.

Maternity versus Regular Reflexology


The techniques used in Maternity Reflexology differ from regular Reflexology in the use of:


  • specific relaxing techniques to calm mother and baby

  • focused attention to the aches and pains and other problems associated with pregnancy

  • balancing the endocrine system for mental and physical well-being

  • gentle approach to all techniques, adjusted to each stage of pregnancy

  • techniques to help promote a natural labour after 37 weeks






Reflexology is a natural holistic complementary therapy that can be used alongside conventional medicine.

It does not claim to cure, diagnose or prescribe.



It is not a substitute for obstetric or medical care.


"We treat the whole person,

not just the symptoms or condition"


Pre-conceptual care


Since the potential father will also be playing a key role in the process, reflexology is beneficial to both partners.


Reflexology and a healthy lifestyle, including nutrition and exercise, bring about optimum health, creating the ideal environment for conception and early foetal development. The recommendation is to begin preparing about four months before attempting conception. This gives the body a chance to clear of toxins and benefit from healthier living.


Many clients feel that reflexology has helped them to feel more relaxed and positive about their quest to become parents.




During pregnancy a woman's body experiences many hormonal, physical and emotional changes.  It can be a great source of stress to the future mum adjusting to these changes as well as worry about what lies ahead.


Reflexology may be a great support at this time, relieving stress and tension bringing about deep relaxation and creates a sense of well-being for the foetus. The mother feels supported mentally, physically and emotionally throughout her pregnancy.


New mothers increasingly report they believe that regular visits to a reflexologist as well as a healthy lifestyle throughout their pregnancy, helped them to have not only a good labour and birthing but a speedy recovery.

Preparation for Labour and Birth


We have found that regular reflexology treatments during pregnancy may encourage delivery closer to term and result in a shorter labour, with less medical intervention and pain relief required.  The restorative effects of reflexology may be immensely valuable and helps to prime your body for labour.


If the pregnancy goes beyond term, with the the permission of the obstetric care-giver, there are techniques that can be used on the feet and hands to try and prime labour (some refer to it as natural induction).  We also recommend, as well as show you, how to use well-established acupressure points for labour preparation and pain relief.



Post-Natal Recovery


Once baby has arrived there is a long period of adjustment for mum both physically and emotionally.  Reflexology eases the body to its non-pregnant state restoring balance.  It is wonderful at supporting and calming both mum and baby.


A session soon after the birth provides an opportunity to relate your experience and discuss your feelings, giving you time for yourself when elsewhere the focus is on the new baby.


Sessions also provide the opportunity to show you how to work the baby's feet to treat minor problems.